Cannot Buy My Soul DVD

Over two nights at Sydney's grand State Theatre, before a packed audience, many of Australia's most acclaimed singer/songwriters and musicians came together to perform the songs of Kev Carmody. Kev Carmody's work draws on a unique life experience combining both Western and Indigenous literary and spiritual traditions and eye for historical and political narratives and a willingness to explore the deeply personal. His songs cover Christian theology, black deaths in custody and celebrations of all walks of Australian life. The combination of so many artists from different aesthetic, generational, racial and gender backgrounds makes this concert the epitome of reconciliation. The fact that Kev is less well known than those paying him tribute gives a sense of mystery to the proceedings. At times intensely intimate, occasionally raucous and loud - this documentary is a joyous celebration of the life and times, the spirit, the songs and story telling of Kev Carmody. Featuring performances by such musical luminaries as Paul Kelly (close friend and musical collaborator of Kev's over many years), Tex Perkins, Missy Higgins, Clare Bowditch, the Drones, Dan Kelly, Sara Storer, the Herd, Last Kinection, the Pigram Brothers, Steve Kilbey, Glenn Richards, Dan Sultan and Kev himself, it is a night of startling, transcendent moments - often raw-boned, passionate and emotional, sometimes full of great sadness and heartache, other moments full of laughter and playfulness. It is a night of great hope. Kev himself joined those on stage, performing with them as they re-arrange and re-interpret this classic material. At different times stands alone, center stage, to share in a very personal way some of his timeless songs and stories.