Images & Illusions is his 4th album and co-produced by Steve Kilbey of The Church.

This is the Song Cycles (Kev's own record label) reissue.

Images & Illusions


Some Strange Strange People


Some strange strange people inhabit this earth
Some strange strange people inhabit this earth
They destroy the land and sewer the sea 
Try to own and control both you and me
Some strange strange people inhabit this earth

Some strange strange people inhabit this earth
Some strange strange people inhabit this earth
Research arms the military man
Leave us a legacy of cremated land
Some strange strange people inhabit this land

Some strange strange people inhabit this land
Some strange strange people inhabit this land
The earth lives in fear of their uranium mines 
They kill every livin’ sea thing with a driftnet line 
Some strange strange people inhabit this earth

I’d rather breath clean air and go plant a seed
Than live in a system of human greed 
Rather help to heal the wounds of time
Than to watch the whole earth bleed

Some strange strange people inhabit this earth
Some strange strange people inhabit this earth
Technology enslaves, the media blinds
Our money in their bank supports environmental crimes 
Some strange strange people inhabit this earth


Images of London


Snap back Jack, attack ‘tack Jack
Snap back Jack, attack these images of London
These illusions, images of London

In Montague St. Bloomsbury’s parked a white Rolls Royce 
Those that own it, are inside, choosin’ a choice
Which portion of our cake they wish to partake
What our money’s worth on their exchange rate 
What home we own, when we have to vacate
They dictate where we relocate


Drivin’ up the Thames through the deserted docks
The boarded up doors with chains are padlocked
Homeless on the streets live in a cardboard box
Fifty ‘P’s" your fee, your destiny, you’re free to live
In poverty in a democracy, under a monarchy

Black stretched limo chauffeured by a man in a cap
Drivin’ through the beggars with a pack of rats in the back
Nursin’ corgi’s that keep crappin’ in ya lap


Cuttin’ lose from this unreal fiction
Headin’ for the reality on the streets of Brixton
Away from that parliamentary power ‘neath that Big Ben clock
See it from cardboard city, if you own a cardboard box

Questions of proprietary, questions of blame
Guilt and shame’s, the same, preached in Jesus’ name
No one should be made to feel they’re born to lose
Our detonator’s primed we just light the fuse……


Needles in the Nursery


Needles in the nursery, faeces in the street
Rancid milk from the nipples of want, dead maggots in the meat 
Syringes of cola-coca sound, infected, injected into your brain
Turnin’ your critical consciousness into a clone
Make a healthy mind "in"…sane????

Inner city, suburban, urban, early mornin’ walkin’ towards the
Dawnin’ yawnin’, when we can’t choose, bein’
Black, back alley mirrored in wet asphalt

Manages of mammon manipulate banal bands
To play hipshit for 
The parasites of power, who are constant
"A fee?….Oh! A fee….A O free-bee for me!!!!!"
the compasses spin beyond control, ’cause we
have broken the elders sacred seals….
all the seers now have blinded eyes, and the
They can no longer heal.


Motorman just knocked off a brand new set of wheels
180 k.p.h. down the freeway, ahead of the
Flashing blue siren’s squeal
Collect the expense from the "fence" for the
Contraband at the wreckers yard
Be slow, with the money buy the deal,
Get stoned, pissed, lay low


Woman down on William St. tryin’ to
turn a trick
Consumates, oscillates, alternates, between the
needles and the pricks
Needles in the nursery, times of terminal sex 
Radios of idolitary, TV twisted texts
They pushin’ the Christianity of Martin Luther King….
While fearin’ Islam and Malcolm X.

Needles in the nursery, faeces in the street
Rancid milk from the nipples of want, dead
Maggots in the meat
Syringes of cola-coca sound infected,
injected into your brain
Turnin’ your critical consciousness into clone….
Make a healthy mind "in"….sane????


Travellin’ North


Travellin’ north….beyond that border
Them black clouds is higher than the sky
Travellin’ back in time, right across that borderline 
Thunder lightning come, cloud begin to cry
Storm rain come. cloud begin to cry

Journeyin’ north to the country of my childhood 
That scrub country where we and us was raised
Where the Moonie River’s etched a track through
Every floodgate fence
A track no human construct can ever reverse or erase
Where human constructs are just a passin’ phase

That ragin’ storm beats hard upon that border
Still 200 miles of rainin’ road to go
Steadily the road climbs across that Wallangarra line
The rainin’ darkness encompasses my soul 
These memories are just one curse of growin’ old.


Fire and Wind


These are strange times we been livin in
Bloodless coups, victories, consumerism, and nobody
Questionin’ abuse and incest in this society’s pram
Poor woman got jailed for terminatin’ "that" man
Adam’s family centres around a babbling, Babel
Bible of "Things"

If you seek to cleanse….use fire and wind….
Use the lightning to begin….start the fire with the wind

The beauty of the future, rises from the ashes of the past
The present masquerades in a Mardi Gras of masks
In images of illusion….that conceals the past Fire and wind
if you seek to cleanse

These controlled contradictions coincide with the general
Demise of the use of the human imagination 
And the acculturization of the progeny, by the technological
Conditioning of their intellects into passive receptors…. 
Critical analysis….is not….an attribute encouraged by this
Present social paradigm….


This evolutionary things getting’ outa hand 
The reptiles are reasonin’, and drivin’ military hardware 
Through jungles and desert sands…. 
They runnin’ the ideologies and theologies of all lands…. 
They roam the earth in packs….
Primates are now just monkeys with
Homo sapiens on their backs





Your strength and your spirit shine from within
Your being and the Mother Earth are one
Celebrate your womanhood, you’re a healer and you’re strong
And your life’s journey only begun….Jessica

Fly with eagle upon ancient wings
Soar on the silence of winds….Jessica

Your creative intellect is a magical gift
Use it to empower Mother Earth
Listen to the wisdom of the elders who speak 
Treasure the miracle of birth….Jessica


Seek what is truth sing from your heart
Dance with each phase of the moon
Dance with Brolga, dance with Fire
Dance to your beings’ own tune….Jessica



The Young Dancer is Dead


His memory and beauty, we carry beyond
How long….how long will these killings go on?
We carry in our hearts his dance and his song
For so long, so long, so long, long gone, beyond

His spirit endures, our grieving hearts bled
We still long for the song of the young dancer who’s dead 
Our young dancer is dead, young warrior is dead

The flower of youth, cut down in the night
Dead in the police van and driven from the site
Another young warrior has been sacrificed


His memory and beauty, we carry beyond
How long, how long will these killings go on?
We carry in our hearts his dance and his song
For so long, so long, so long, long gone, beyond



The Anti-Christ


Drunk man home on a Saturday night
Kill his lovin’ partner with a kitchen knife
Three kids bleedin’ messin’ the floor
Bullyman firepower siegin’ the door

In the terror of a dream reoccurin’ each night
Visions in the voids where might becomes right
When the blood in a vein turns to solid ice
Sweatin’ in the midnight disbelieving your psych
It’s the Anti-Christ….it’s the Anti-Christ…666…666…666..

Wolf in a cloak made of woven wool
Preaches in a tongue, keep his bank balance full
Prophet from the desert scorned as a liar
Prophet’s truth bleedin’ on the razor wire


Money rule your life you’re bought and sold
Feed a rich man’s mouth but devour his soul
We poor on the floor here fightin’ for the crumb
Anti-Christ speakin’ through a stock-exchange tongue


War is a chore people forced to endure
Bodies litter the snows and desert floor
From the armanents industry each death will come
Anti-Christ busy reloadin’ each gun


This relationship’s in freefall, bin comin’ through the roof
I’s only seekin’ evidence, you keep demandin’ proof

I can’t live these expectations, never said I would
Can only live my limitations, that’s all I said I could

They keep assaultin’ me with language
feel the whiplash of their tongue
Everyone’s mouthin’ answers,
no one asks the right question


Hittin’ this high octane, my mind is bein’ bent
Like the sign upon the toilet door….either engaged or it’s vacant


From the school of hard knocks, quickly I found out
If the system ain’t jammin’ you down the drain….
It’s shovin you up the spout


Along here come the male-man brought his piece of meat….
He want to whack it in your microwave….then charge
You for the heat!!!!!????


I’m Still In Love With You


Cloudy day, high old wind 
Chill in the air, as twilight moves in
Likelihood the night’ll bring rain
Them old town dogs’ll start their howlin’ again

I’m still in love with you
I’m still in love with you
I’m still in love with you

Stare in the mirror, what do I see?
A different person to what you saw in me
Brain needs a splint, mouth tastes like a dump
I’ve been forty years sober, been eight years drunk


I love the beauty of your spirit, my expression is plain
Love your voice, your womanhood, the sound of your name
See you in the wind, the stars, the rain
Can’t seem to dislodge you from inside my brain


Some share secrets, other share shame
Still others are conditioned to layin’ the blame 
Hope our friendship was more that a brief interlude
I’d call you long distance, but I donÕt want to intrude



Blue You


It was a violet hour…as we drove in
Sunshine makin’ a nonsense out of the state you were in
Streamline your sentences…let me believe
Something to lean on…
Sometimes melancholy can set you free

Gold from my journey…gold from my journey
Grieve ’cause I’m burnin’ 
You been laughin’ out loud …blue you

Nine gifts were bestowed by the ancient mystics.
1. was the gift of visions
2. was the gift of love 
3. was the gift of wisdom 
4. was the gift of imagination
5. was the gift of compassion
6. was the gift of healing
7. was the gift of birth
8. was the gift of existence
9. was the gift of spirituality

So show me a line of thinkin…as we walk to
that burnin’ road
We stood and talked and waited…watchin’ the
sinking of that
great big ball of gold

Gold from my journey…..pure gold, early…
high above
You been laughin’ out loud…blue you

Sadly the intellects of the massed herds listened 
Only to
The voices of distortion
The lemmings worshipped at the feet of the conjurers
And prayed before the icons and idols of their
own enslavement
and were flooded and drowned in the waters of conformity
Let me believe…..They were deceived
Let me believe…..They were deceived
Let me believe…..They were deceived
Like you belive…..Let me believe

The hordes are now powerless to halt the inertia of their own
oppression…They were deceived

Let me believe

The consecrated ground of the unknown soldier is now
Glorified, even as the medallioned warriors
Return in body bags
As heroes 
The winds of history continually blow 
Through the withered
Flowers on the graves of human desolation

It was a violet hour…..We were deceived
When we drove in. Sunlight splatterin’
Patterns on your super sensitive skin…..


SOLAR WIND (instrumental)



Rain in my spirit, rain in my heart
Loneliness and silences deep in the dark
Wind of sadness just blew through
Leaving us this beauty in the memories of you

Blue, purple, indigo. Blue
Sad is my spirit, sorrow my tune
Blue, purple, indigo. Blue
These colours and sounds reflect
Memories of you…..memories of you

You’ve gone so far, but we still think you’re here
Your presence surrounds those who loved you so dear
Deep in our hearts we hold you so near 
Your beauty and strength shine here so clear


We sense your spirit in the wind and the rain
In the sunlight and trees, in the campfire’s warm flame
In the birth of all life…..these are just a few
Of the things that remind us of the memories of you




Lay me down in the sacred ground
Keep me from the cold
Wrap me in the deep warm earth
Where the stars can see my soul 
Take me where them trees stand tall
By the waters in the river bend
Let me face the risin’ sun
Commend my spirit to the wind

Make no monuments or mortal crowns
Or speak my name again when you lay me down

Lay me where the forest blooms
In the land that’s seen no plough
Where the fragrance on the western wind
Is carried from every Springtime flower
Give me peace and give me rest
Lay me down on the mountain crest
Bury me softly without a sound
Let the scrub grow back across that mound


Bury me quick and bury me deep
Without no coffin or shrouded sheet
Wrap me in the Mother Earth
So I can nurture the land’s rebirth
Give me joy and give me song
Carry the struggle wide and long
Do not grieve and do not weep
Mortal memories are all we keep


Let the winter dew fall on that grave
Let me see the night sky blaze
See the Moon in the winter wane
Knifin’ through that Cosmic maze
Give me water, give me fire
Don’t give me monuments of stone
Give me rainbows in the sky
Give back my land in which to lie