Mirrors is his fifth studio release and is his first self produced and self released album.

This is a Song Cycles (Kev's own record label) release.


Comin’ Home

Paid money for that petrol
Man said "Hey where you goin?"
Said "somewhere there aint no neon
And there ain’t no telephone"
He Said, "sound like you headin’ for the desertland
where a soul can sit an’ feel
the essence of eternity……."
I just slid behind the wheel

Two hours after sunset
Turned off highway one
Towards the brilliance of the new moon
Followin’ the settin’ sun
In the rear vision mirror
Small town street light fade
Past silos, cemetries, an’ cotton fields
An’ homes where the livin’ lay

Night owl in the headlights
Dotted white lines on the road
Insects essence on the windscreen
Passin’ trucks with the heavy loads
Bridges across dry rivers
Distance further between each town
Crossed the crossroads of my lifetime
Goin’ up now… ‘stead a comin’ down


Read the Torah
Read the Koran
Read the Bible

Find which lock fits which key
See why ideologies and theologies divide humanity
The idea of one God shatters nations and countries 
Producing hate and dispossession for millions of refugees
For millions of refugees

Down the highways of history
Humanity forced to flee
Wanderin’ the earth in isolation as unwelcome refugees
Unwelcome refugees

Our brothers, sisters, and their children
Starve in border camps while their homelands
And their homes are invaded, shelled and burnt
Adam and Eve were banished, Moses forced to flee
Just like todays globalized immigrants
Children imprisoned as detainees

Seeking refuge, seeking shelter from the 
bankers’ armoured tanks, will their god extend
compassion and embrace the immigrants
Their crime is seeking shelter from a human
livin’ hell they’ve been captured and imprisoned
as dangerous criminals.

This land is my spirit, my right is sovereignty
But we exist here alienated as colonised refugees.
As colonised refugees

Are You Connected??

Customers, you are reminded to have your mind open for inspection at the checkout. 
Thankyou for your cooperation.

Your attention please Customers…You are reminded to consume… thankyou

If you wish to commence a relationship, please press 2
For relationship options press 3
If you wish to commence your orgasm, insert your credit card and press 1.

Hello, are you con-nected?
If you wish to extend your orgasm insert your credit card and press 4
After you finish… Please press hash or hang up

Are you con-nected?
Transferring you now.
Anybody home?
Your call has been placed in a queue

God has left the building.

Are you conned?

At present all of our operators are busy,

your call has been placed in a queue and will be answered by our first available operator.
Your call is important to us
R U conned? R U con-nected?
Hello… connecting you now.
Hello….anybody home…..
Your call has been placed in a queue
Con–necting you now…..your call has been placed in a queue

Milky Way

Rainbowed colours ridin’ the wind 
Desert dust on the eagles wing
Sacred serpents’ shedded skin
She-oak"s shimmering in the chill of spring

Infinite desert……. inner place
Pious, chaste…….spirit base
Mind space …….spider webbed, silken lace
Ancient pace……headless face
Evil grace ………sprayed with mace
Acid taste….. speed with haste

Milky way………. dust to clay
Eternal day………light years away
Infinity……….. artesian sea
Underneath…… silent beat,….. molten heat

Powdered smile……… mobile dial [2nd Pouted smile...... Mobile dial]

Secret files…………deceit, denial
Inward spiral…………venom vial
Stolen child…………….. fashion style
(Repeat twice)

Infinite desert…….Repeat All

El Diablo Blanco

From Terra Del Fuego beyond the Magellanic clouds
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode against the towers
The patriots held the city walls…..as long as they were able
But each stone of fertility finally fell
Just like the Tower of Babel

Neanderthal and Cro-Manon watched
From the depths of Ancient Caves
The homo-sapien aliens advanced in warring waves
The Spirits of Existence have found the Missing Link
And await the day of recompense ….
When these Aliens become extinct

Noah sailed around this Earth
Collecting animals two by two
The first to sail around this world
Long before Magellan made it through
Woke up on top of Ararat
Ark full of lamas and kangaroos
Did it all in forty days
Their Scriptures swear it’s true

The oppressed became the oppressors
The slaves became the Kings
Theologies became Ideologies
And their one God ruled all things

The Ancient Mystics across the centuries
Observe these Prophet’s verse and song
Lead their goats and sheep to the infernos
And to their own oblivion

Who Are They?????

What nations arm an’ support selected countries
Creatin’ conflicts they covertly control
So their economy an’ corporations prosper on the premise
That the puppeteer just has to divide to rule?

Who controls the finance-information an the ppower
In that blinded void that stops us all from knowin’
Who makes certain the world’s left hand lies exposed for us to see
While we don’t know what their hidden right hand is doin’

Who supplied the chemical weapons used in IRAQ an Vietnam
Agent orange, an’ the munitions that gassed the Kurds
Who uses their armies to secure their global markets
And their media to keep our vision blurred?

Who are they that starve innocent civilians
With sanctions and decade long, blockades
An dismiss the United Nations as irrelevent
Usin’ pre-emptive strikes so they can invade?

Good morning Mr World Bank, how’s the W.T.O.the, I.M.F.?
Are those federal reserves still controllin’ the world
How’s the continual stock exchange theft 
Still got the third world kneelin’
An’ them bank vaults bloated fat
Are the military strategies still run by psychopathic rats 
The day will come when all will know
You’re a terrorist killer – a thief and a liar
And they’ll etch upon your tombstone
You were slain by friendly fire

Dirty Dollar


Watchin’ the sunrise from the polluted seas
Fishin’ in the rivers fulla blue algae
Breathin’ this air here could kill or maim ya
Whole earth becomin’ a huge gas chamber

Just wanna know which side you stand
For the dirty dollar or a pristine land

Eatin’ whale meat faster, than they give birth
They’re connin’ us all……. it’s scientific research
Them chain saws dozers clearin’ the trees
‘Cos it’s so good for the economy (repeat 3 times)

Obesity’s, fast food gravy train
Poly styrene or cardboard tastes the same
G.M. food altered chromosomes
Antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones

Droughts an’ floods an’ global warmin’
It’s takin’ awhile to heed them warnings
Food chains pesticides, insecticides
Eatin’ our way to global suicide

Eroded land cleared forests and trees
Infertile soil and salinity 
Worshippin’ them idols of power and greed 
If we aint guilty how do we plead?

Dumpin’ first world products in third world lands
Forcing mono-culture into starvin’ hands
Excutin’, jailin’, those who say it’s unfree
Rich importin’ their wealth an exportin’ poverty

Just wanna know which side you stand
For the dirty dollar…..or the pristine land

You Beautiful

Cosmic…….oh boy



I’m so far out there

How come we in here?

Need a white cane and a seeing eye dog Bros’

You beautiful……

Like me..


When the western sky’s ablaze
And the sun lays down to rest
When the curlew starts to cry
And the birds fly home to roost
When the full moon begins to rise
Satin moon beams on my face
Beauty of the night goes far beyond
Far beyond both time and place


No-one’s lost who finds the moon
Or the sweetness of the wattle’s bloom
Rebirth with the rain in spring
Or the dingoe’s howl on the autumn wind
Spirit of the moon here calls me home 
Spirit of the moon here guides me home

Moon it draws me to the scrub
Night voices raised in song
Past the water lilies bloom
In that tranquil billabong
Walkin’ on the shadowed leaves
That are reflected by the moon
To the rocks and hills an’ caves
Where the dingoe’s pups are born

Stars ablazin’ across the sky
In the brilliance of the Milky Way
I’m surrounded by the beauty
Of every night and every day
Walkin’ towards that morning moon set
Caress of moonlight on my skin
Knowin’ that freedom of not carin’ 
Of why I’m goin’ or where I’ve been

Georgina River Song

I’ve felt the peace in the sunrise at dawn
Heard the sacred sounds of the sea
Seen the beauty of the land where the Georgina flows
It moves my spirit within me

Wherever I may ramble my spirit can never cease to be
While ever that old Georgina wind is calling me

I’ve watched the eagle ridin’ the wind
Felt the beauty of the sunset surround me
I’ve smelt the wildflowers after the summer rains
I’ve seen them ol’ dry rivers runnin’ free


I’ve seen infinity in the Gidgee fire’s coals
Heard the dingos howl on the wintered winds
I’ve watched the moonrise from the Georgina plain
Heard the sounds of procreation every spring



George W Bush, ol’ Dubya
He’s a good ol’boy ol’ Dubya

Smoke ‘em out bring ‘em to justice
Crusade, axis of evil
Not everybody luvs ya Dubya

Hollywood’s and the media’s reaction invades your brain
Got George Bush actin’ like a born again John Wayne
Oscar nomination no odds who’ll win
Rather be in Paris Texas than in Palestine
Not all the world luvs ya Dubya

Colonel Kurtz, now in Iraq and Afghanistan
Finished his work in Vietnam
Dubya’s security its plane to see
Forces millions and millions to hide and flee
As aliens, asylum seekers and refugees
You got the whole world down on bended knee
Prayin’ for an end to their insecurity

‘Smoke ‘em out, bring ‘em to justice
Crusade, Axis of Evil’.

He’s a good ol’ boy ‘ol Dubya
Not everybody luvs ya Dubya……not everybody luvs ya

Devout Muslim, Christian, Jew fightin’ those wars for me and you
Hard for us to go say thanks
Dodgin’ gunships, smart bombs and armoured tanks

Not all the world luvs ya Dubya

"Smoke ‘em out, bring ‘em to justice
Crusade, that ol’ Axis of Evil’

Not everybody luvs ya Dubya, not everybody luvs ya

We Gentile, Infidel, Heathen Ones
Caught in the cross fire with worse to come
Monotheism that comes from the Middle East
Seem to be based on war……aint based on peace
Torah, Koran, Bible if ya take a look
Take their God’s Word…..from that ol’ Monotheistic Book
Not everybody…..not everybody….not everybody….LUVS YA